Operating sectors

Automotive and Motorcycle

X-Mask Race has more than a decade of experience in machining parts for the racing industry.
Founded with the intent of putting its experience at the service of drivers and car and motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for the racing component or simple decoration accessory, purpose-built to their liking and/or need.


The precision with which X-Mask Race operates has also found fertile ground in the highly sensitive medical industry for which the company specializes in the production of bag molds.

In the same context, depending on the requests that come in, X- Mask Race can also produce components for laser therapy and electro-medical machines.


X-Mask Race collaborates with major companies in the railway industry on an international scale, contributing, by forging specific components, to the production of railway machines and equipment for lifting and transport in the railway industry.

Lighting technology

The precision mechanics of the components produced in X-Mask Race also find application in a purely aesthetic as well as functional area: lighting engineering.
Through its workmanship, X-Mask Race contributes to the creation of globally recognized design objects.


Another notable collaboration is in the equestrian sector: in this context, X-Mask Race is involved in the production of saddle parts, contributing to the quality and craftsmanship of the finished product.


One of the sectors in which X-Mask Race machining has found recent application is the marine industry. Thanks mainly to the experience gained over the previous decades, the professionalism and versatility of our company has enabled us to find a place even in a more niche environment such as this.